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How does neurodiversity present in the classroom?

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Here at Super Calm Sensory Products our aim is to educate parents, carers, teachers and children on neurodiversity and the impact it can have on a person caring for a child with a neurodiverse difference. We aim to increase understanding as to what is happening in the body of a neurologically different person, resulting in greater empathy in understanding certain behaviours. By developing diets and activities aimed towards their specific sensory needs the child should reach optimum levels of arousal to allow them to be present during school and home life.

Someone who has neurologically diverse differences may react differently to others around sensory stimuli and other environmental factors. The overall goal is to promote understanding and increase empathy resulting in a more harmonious environment for all.


Neurodiversity can present in many many different manners. We have created a graphic representation below to explain how neurological differences may be visible in a mainstream school setting.

Of course, each child is different and unique so these are just a sample of behaviours that may be presented in the classroom.

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