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How to get an Autism card in Ireland and the neurodiverse charities of Ireland.

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Here at Super Calm Sensory Products our aim is to educate parents, carers, teachers and children on neurodiversity and the impact it can have on the person caring for the child with a neurodiverse difference. We aim to increase understanding on what is happening in the body of a neurologically different person resulting in greater empathy in understanding certain behaviours. By developing sensory diets and activities aimed towards their specific sensory needs the child should reach optimum levels of arousal to allow them to be present during school and home life.

Someone who has neurologically diverse differences may react differently to others around sensory stimuli and other environmental factors. The overall goal is to promote understanding and increase empathy resulting in a more harmonious environment for all.

To apply for a card visit the website, the Limerick Autism group website or the Cottage Autism Network

Please find below a list of charities in Ireland aimed at supporting and raising awareness for neurodiversity in Ireland.

PSI: Purpose: Advance and promote the discipline of psychology. Promote high standards of training and education for psychologists in Ireland. Promote high professional and ethical standards within the profession. Provide professional learning, development and networking opportunities. Sustain growth in PSI membership, hold annual scientific and professional conferences, public talks and media communications. Update members on psychology matters in Ireland.

Services: Employment opportunities, room rentals, discounts on various high street shops, Guidance counsellors- offered to members.

Who should avail: Those in the psychology profession or studying to become one.

Type: The PSI is an independently governed, registered charity.

Entitled/Criteria/Means Tested: Studying/Have studied/Practising.


Cope Foundation: Purpose: Supports for children and young adults with autism. Support for family members and parents.

Services: Early intervention, education, training, short breaks, physical activity, sports, arts and creative therapies.

Who should avail: Those who live within the Cork region who would benefit from their service.

Type: Not for profit voluntary organisation.

Entitled/Criteria/Means Tested: Families within the Cork area.

Contact: Phone: 021-4643100. Email:

AsIAm: Purpose: aims to provide a one-stop shop for the Autism community in Ireland providing the public and those with the condition a portal of information about Autism They serve as a platform for people affected by Autism to share their stories and views and provide a strong voice for the concerns of the community.


1. Educate; increase and improve accessibility of information to equip people with Autism and their families to better understand the condition. Help to build a more informed and understanding society.

2. Empower; providing tools to those with Autism to enable them to reach their full potential.

3. Advocate; act as a hub for the community, drawing on common areas of concern raised by users and develop public awareness.

4. Community; provide a safe, pleasant space for the AS community to share experiences.

Who should avail: The Autism community/general public.

Type: Not for profit-charitable organization.

Entitled/Criteria/Means Tested: Available to all members of the public. (Applying for an ID Card will need proof of diagnosis).

Contact: Phone:(01)4453203

Autism Initiatives Ireland: Purpose: To meet the needs of people with autism, their families and carers by providing a range of services which are personal, professional and innovative in a variety of locations throughout the UK and Ireland. Offer a wide range of support for autistic people, from supported living to schools, from a short break service to one stop shops and from work placements to training, clubs and activities, Autism Initiatives has a wealth of resources and expertise that help autistic people to achieve their personal goals.

Services: Supported living accommodation and Residential homes, Community resource centres in the UK / New Directions day Horizons services in Ireland. Social enterprises, short break centres, Schools and College, one stop shops, community outreach and community support.

Who should avail: People with Autism, their families and carers.

Type: Not for profit charitable organisation.

Entitled/Criteria/Means Tested: For many services, spaces are offered as part of the local authority provision for that individual. In some cases families can pay for provision where needed.

Contact: On website use the contact us tab.

Shine Centre for Autism: Purpose: The Irish Progressive Association for Autism (IPAA) is a Cork based Voluntary Organisation established in September 2001. Since its establishment IPAA/Shine has worked with hundreds of families across Cork city and county to secure assessments, therapies, services and appropriate education for their children.

Services: Building Blocks: School Support Service provides advice and support to children with a diagnosis of Autism who attend mainstream Primary and Secondary Schools in Cork City and surrounds. The service has been in operation for the past nine years, and in that time in excess of 150 students have benefitted and advanced as a result.

PALS: The PALS Programme has been designed and operated by the Shine Centre for the past four years. This programme, the first of it’s kind, places equal emphasis on personal and emotional self management skills, self esteem and social skill development. Early learning unit: The Shine Early Education Unit is funded under a direct payment agreement between the Department of Special Education and Shine. Any child attending the Shine Early Education Unit must first qualify under the Home Tuition Grant Scheme.Family support service: When your child receives a diagnosis of autism it can be a very traumatic time for the whole family. Many parents are caught up in the emotion of the diagnosis which is totally understandable as they come to grips with their new situation.

Who should avail: Persons with autism, their families, carers and educators.

Type: Voluntary Organisation.

Entitled/Criteria/Means Tested: N/A

Contact: Phone: 0214377052

Link to webpage:

Autism Assistance Dogs: Purpose: To change the world for children with autism. Our dogs can open up a whole new world of opportunity and possibility for children with autism and their families. Watch the short video below to learn more...

Services: Assistance dogs, Companion dogs, Autism Awareness.

Who should avail: Those in need of a dog, however their waiting list is currently full so joining their mailing list will keep you informed of availability.

Type: Charity.

Entitled/Criteria/Means Tested: Means tested and waiting list.

Contact: Phone: 02243851 Email: form on site.

Gheel Autism Services: Purpose: Gheel provides services for people with autism in the greater Dublin and North Kildare region. We provide day, residential, supported living and outreach services for individuals with autism with the goal of maximising independence and enhancing quality of life. All of our programmes are tailored to recognise the neurodiversity of people with autism. Staff receive regular autism-specific person centred training and they are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to enable each individual they support to have positive and meaningful life experience.

Services: If you are unsure which supports would best suit you they can provide a comprehensive assessment to identify these and then tailor your support plan around them They help with understanding an autism diagnosis and autism education, Help with developing different forms of communication, relationships and friendships, They provide support for families and explore learning styles, change management of coping strategies. Help with daily living/ life skill development and behavioural and emotional regulation. They also provide a family and friends website which can be accessed by:

Who should avail: Gheel are only in the position to provide service referrals to people who are funded by the HSE, not direct referrals.

Type: Section 39 agency, grant aided to provide services on behalf of the HSE.

Entitled/Criteria/Means Tested: The HSE operates an open referral system for individuals and their families which is responded to within a specified period. Each person then has an entire assessment of need completed by a Referral Team. Depending on where you live in Ireland there will be a HSE Disability Services Manager appointed to your geographical area. These are the people that the referral needs to be directed to. A detailed list by can be found on the HSE website ( Once the HSE have completed their assessment of need then they will approach the relevant service providers in their geographical area if they feel that a service is required. The service provider will then arrange to meet with the person themselves to see if they would be in a position to meet the needs of that individual appropriately.

Contact: Phone: 016291596 Email:

Link to webpage:

ASPIRE: Purpose: Aspire has a range of services available to cater to the needs of people with Asperger Syndrome and their families.

Services: Information services, Social Enterprise:, Education and Training

Who should avail: Schools, colleges, workplaces and organizations can benefit from the training provided. Anyone can ring the helpline to get assistance with any query.

Type: Voluntary organisation.

Entitled/Criteria/Means Tested: Available to support those with Asperger Syndrome and their families.

Contact: Phone: (01) 8780087 Email:

Limerick Autism Group: Purpose: The group founded by two parents Keith Enright and Caroline Hogan who both have teenagers with autism spectrum disorder. It was developed due to the lack of socially inclusive activities available for their children. It began with the development of Limerick autism camps and progressed to providing a number of inclusive activities.

Services: Limerick autism specific camps, Weekly movement groups, Psychotherapy counselling, Music Therapy, Parking Permits, Autism Friendly initiative and Autism ID cards.

Who should avail: People with Autism and their families.

Type: Charity and not for profit organisation.

Entitled/Criteria/Means Tested: Autism ID card; This is issued to those who have been diagnosed once evidence is accepted by the service.

Contact: Phone: 1800 71 88 65 Email available via the form on their website.

Link to webpage:

Cottage Autism Network: Purpose: Aims to improve the quality of life of families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing support, promoting equality and inclusion as well as raising awareness in the community and by being a voice for their members.

Services: Activities; cúl camps for children with autism and their siblings, parent support, weekly activities such as soccer and coding. Provide resources and downloads on their website.

Who should avail: Families affected by Autism.

Type: Voluntary organisation.

Entitled/Criteria/Means Tested: For ID card will need proof of diagnosis.

Contact: Phone: +353 087 1035 355 Email: /


We have compiled this list from our own research, if you have noticed an error or incorrect information please let us know!


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