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Type: Linear, Single Direction

Suitable: ASD Unit,  Main Stream School

Accompanying Wall Graphic: Choice of 700mm x 1500mm Emotions Board or 2000mm High Wall Print.

Custom Design: Yes, SuperCalm's Graphic Designers can Customise Graphics. 

Installation Available: Yes, We Offer Nationwide Installation. 

Dimensions: 5m x 1.5m


Sensory Floor Pathway Objective: 

Build emotional intelligence with our SuperCalm Emotional Awareness emoji sensory floor pathway.  Our colour coded emojis visibly demonstrate varying emotional states to promote an understanding of facial expressions and non verbal body language to demontrate mood.

Key to emotional regulation is the deeper understanding of how we feel, how that might look and make our bodies feel in order to learn how to self sooth.


Children can enage in silly imagintive play heightening their learning experience while developing skill motor skills. Resource teams can use simple movements or create multi sensory game play using balls to bounce, bean bags to collect, music, sounds or animal walks.


Languages Available

Currently English & Irish

(All translations available please request)


What is a SuperCalm Sensory Floor Pathway Made Off?

SuperCalm sensory pathways are printed on a premium polymeric self adhesive vinyl and finished with an anti slip over laminate.



This will vary depending on use.  Self adhesive vinyls are considered semi permanent and will last 6+ months depending on foot traffic. Floor surface and preparation of surface prior to application is a key determinent to their longevity. If installing yourself please follow care instructions.



SuperCalm sensory floor pathway stickers can be applied by the SuperCalm fitting team or by the customer. We offer a video tutorial and written instruction sheet.


Are Sensory Floor Pathway Vinyl Stickers Suitable to All Floor Surfaces?

No, our standard SuperCalm sensory floor pathway vinyl will only successfully adhered to smooth surfaces such as hardwood or laminate floors, linoleum or vinyl. Raised, textured or grained surfaces will not be suitable. Carpet and tiles are suitable but may require a specialty vinyl or application method so please contact us in advance 01862 3852 to disucss the best vinyl solution for this surface.


What are Sensory Pathways in Schools?

A resource tool designed for children with additional needs. Based around the concept of using exercise movements through imaginative play to trigger hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain that have a positive impact on mood, focus, attention to help a child to feel calm and focused to reengage in a classroom setting.

Emotional Awareness Linear Sensory Floor Pathway

  • SuperCalm sensory pathways are printed on a premium polymeric self adhesive vinyl and finished with an anti slip over laminate.

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