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What is our Hotel Program?

Our Super Calm Sensory Hotel Program is a new concept

in treating neurodiversity as different rather than as a disability.

Our innovative new products aim to integrate and support

those with a brain function that affects how they experience

environmental stimuli and how their body reacts to this stimuli.

Our aim is to educate, advise and support the hospitality sector

with effective tools to solve this growing need for a holiday that

is a holiday not a endeavour. With extensive business experience and children on the spectrum, passion

and need colliding to bring this exciting product to market. 

What to expect from Super Calm when you sign up for our program.

Train staff to understand and empathise with neurodiverse customers needs

Continue to provide training and support through newsletters, video tutorials, web blogs

Suggest service polices and procedures that remove the obstancles that certain families find challenging

Support the hotel with design of systems along with marketing material to provide visibility for hotel wide understanding

Equip the hotel with sensory hardware to enable familites to consider the propsect of a hotel break.

super calm sensory products_hotel.PNG
Super calm sensory product_hotel
super calm sensory products_Hotel progra
super calm sensory products_hotel.PNG
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